Scan Retail Exhibits Fabric Pop-Up System

Scan Retail Exhibits Fabric Pop-Up System

The Fabric Pop-up System has collapsible frames that quickly and easily pop open to form sturdy structures. The fabric graphics slide into silicon edging built into the frames, concealing the structure under smooth, seamless prints. There is no need for tools or specialised skills.

Benefits of the Fabric Pop-up System:

– It’s an affordable, durable and re-usable product that carries huge potential savings in the long-term.
– The simple set-ups need minimal time and labour.
– The folded away system is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and at a lower cost.
– The system’s modular design and versatile connection options allow users to assemble the parts into different configurations. Users can mix and match them like Lego bricks – a few structural parts can create many different designs.
– Although the fabric prints are re-usable, new prints are also very affordable. Users can update the marketing message, or look and feel, as needed.
The system includes many parts and accessories, such as walls of varying sizes, bulkheads, counters, LED backlighting behind the fabric graphics, mounted screens and shelves.

Justin Hawes, CEO of Scan Retail (Scan Display’s sister company) said, ‘The system is suited to a range of retail environments where displays need to be updated often, such as showrooms or in-store promotional displays, and where they need to be easily moveable, such as mall activations and pop-up shops.’