Sappi Launches Live A Life Of Note Campaign

Sappi Launches Live A Life Of Note Campaign

The ‘Live a Life of Note’ campaign by Sappi is aimed at everyone who has come to trust the paper in the red box (Typek). The campaign will feature on various out-of-home activations including large format billboards that rotate on various highways and street pole adverts that supplement Typek’s presence around key areas in Gauteng.

It further includes an integrated social media campaign with always-on content – created and curated for Typek with an exciting competition. Richard Wells, Vice President Sales and Marketing Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging, said, ’As a leading brand of multi-purpose office paper, Typek believes that if anything is worth doing, then it is worth doing well, which is why Typek wants you to live a life of note, and reward you for it. Just as we do our best to make sure Typek is as good as it can be, we want people to be inspired to ensure that their life is as good as it can be, too.’

The campaign theme ‘Live a Life of Note’ is all about the small things and it challenges consumers to do something extraordinary in their own environment. Examples include: waking up half an hour earlier to watch the sunrise; baking with their kids, running a half marathon (or doing a Park Run), starting to save for a dream trip; little things that make their corner of the globe a bit better; and random acts of kindness that uplift other people. 

‘We are very excited about the ‘Live a Life of Note’ campaign. It involves ‘firsts’ for Typek, such as our social media campaign. Typek is a trusted brand and we want more people to associate with the campaign ethos. We are also extremely proud that it asks the public to live their best lives – whatever that looks like for them – and share that with other people,’ said Michelle Thain, Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging’s General Manager for Office, Tissue and Timber.