SamJane Communications Awarded Public Relations Account For Firejuice


Boutique marketing consultancy Firejuice operates in a highly competitive sector and realised – early on – the need for a marketing agency that takes each client’s budget and needs into consideration when offering a strategic marketing plan. This requires both their internal team and strategic partnerships to be committed to the brand at hand, and they believe that an SME like SamJane Communications aligns with this ethos.

Bernard Jansen, Founder of Firejuice, described the agency’s proposal as ‘innovative’ with a strong strategic direction. ‘We believe this to be a perfect fit and are excited to get started and to increase our awareness as a disruptive consultancy,’ Jansen said.

Firejuice is a boutique marketing consultancy that assists small and medium-sized companies to develop high-impact marketing strategies and effectively implement marketing projects.

‘In the last few years, Firejuice has built a reputation in marketing interventions for SMEs through strategic marketing campaigns. SamJane Communications is excited to have partnered with a company of this calibre,’ said SamJane Communications founder Samantha Robinson.

‘I want to work with small businesses that don’t normally have the opportunity to do PR. I prefer smaller clients, with smaller retainers where I am a team member that can truly make an impact and add value,’ she added.


SamJane Communications