Relativ Media’s Digital Screen Creates Feeling of New York In SA

Relativ Media's Digital Screen Creates Feeling of New York In SA
Relativ Media revealed a giant fully HD Polaroid digital screen on the corner of Alice Lane and 5th Street, Sandton.

The 7m x 13.7m digital screen is strategically elevated to maximise the line of sight for passengers and motorists and is largely aimed at the upper LSM and SEM sectors. The new digital screen is one of eight screens available to Relativ Media clients, with other screens situated in key locations around the country.

Relativ celebrated the introduction of its new digital screen at the Wishbone Café and Bistro Bar, where guests enjoyed a classy evening to mark the unveiling of the innovative out of home digital screen. Many of the guests were quick to liken the event and the location to Times Square in New York, referring to the classiness and quality of the screen, the location and the evening.

Margaret Ashwin from Media Max said that the digital screen was ‘very exciting and fantastic to see’. Norman Gibson from MTN said the digital screen was ‘the first of its kind, creating the feeling of New York right here in South Africa’. He continued by highlighting how Relativ Media is ‘driving innovation in the out of home media space by creating cost effective and impactful media platforms.’

Michael Christoforos from Relativ Media said, ‘We are extremely thrilled with the way in which this incredible screen has turned out. It’s a fantastic addition to our inventory and a truly iconic site in Johannesburg.’

Relativ Media are proud to have worked with HD Media, Paragon Architects and Redefine Properties, with Christoforos adding that ‘the relationships forged during this process and the opportunity to work with such collaborative and forward thinking entities, made a project such as this every media owner’s dream.’