Relativ Media Assists Those In Need With Food Parcels

Relativ Media team.

The Relativ Media team voluntarily gave from their own pockets to help feed those in need during this period.

Sijadu Mzozoyana, CEO of Relativ Media stated: ‘We heard the President’s call to help each other during this time, and as such, we are giving that which we can in order to help others that cannot help themselves.’ So far, the company has donated Oros, toothpaste, baked beans, pilchards, sugar, salt, blankets, pap etc to those in need, in partnership with Lifting Africa and One Small Act of Kindness.

Sijadu Mzozoyana, Relativ Media CEO.

They plead with all individuals and all corporates to make arrangements to do the same if they haven’t done so already. ‘We are with you in action, Mr President, and not just from the comfort of our couches behind our TVs or cellphones. If other South Africans can do it, so can we,’ said Mzozoyana.

He thanked Relativ Media staff for sparing that which they have in order to give to those that don’t have. ‘The spirit of Ubuntu has to be a lived reality for all of us. Our fellow citizens need us to all step up. Let’s answer the call by not letting them down.’