RAPT Creative Announces Digitally-Led SA Roll-Out Of Beefeater’s Blood Orange Gin Global Launch


RAPT Creative’s new PR and Influencer Partnerships division has launched the new Beefeater Blood Orange Gin campaign. Comprising digital content and Out-of-Home and in-store elements, phase one of the campaign launch, which kicked off on March 1st, took place during the uncertainty of South Africa’s precarious alcohol bans that had many wondering how the industry would be able to remain top of mind and relevant in the lives of consumers.

The campaign, which successfully launched after the lifting and easing of regulations, was intended to create awareness for the new variant and give gin enthusiasts something to look forward to. According to Khangelani Dziba, who heads the new division at RAPT, the intention of the launch was to galvanise awareness and education for the new variant launch.

‘As an agency, we were tasked with coming up with an exciting campaign that would be digitally-led through a shoestring budget, further enabling us to sweat our campaign assets. Our approach thus included creating above-the-line assets that would be syndicated across platforms and to task our influencer partners to introduce the new variant. Their approach to content creation needed to showcase how they best enjoyed Beefeater’s zesty and refreshing Blood Orange Gin during ‘golden hour’ also known as ‘Sundowner’ hour – the occasion and time of day we aimed to own,’ he said.

Phase two, currently in production, is scheduled to break towards the end of April with yet another digital burst that will see the return of the brand’s anchor influencers and a few other consumer experiences being rollout.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RAPT Creative, Garreth van Vuuren, said the agency’s new Public Relations and Influencer Partnerships division had given additional impetus to RAPT Creative’s growth spurt. ‘For our agency, digital, social media and PR should live as one function and being able to showcase how this offering works hand-in-hand for the clients we service is certainly a specialty that will enable us to dramatically differentiate ourselves from our competitors,’ said van Vuuren.

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