Outdoor Auditors Partners With Seedooh To Provide Long-Term Value For Out-Of-Home Industry

Outdoor Auditors Partners With Seedooh To Provide Long-Term Value For Out-Of-Home Industry

Seedooh launched the world’s first independent verification technology platform for digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) in 2017 and is in operation at market scale in Australia and New Zealand, where third party verification is now considered a requirement for DOOH campaign delivery. Outdoor Auditors, an independent South African auditor of Out-of-Home (OOH) media, has announced a partnership with Seedooh.

This partnership will enable global best-practice and third party verification of DOOH in South Africa for the first time. Tom Richter, Seedooh CEO and founder explained, ‘The work we have done in Australia over the last five years to establish best-practice standards for verified campaign delivery is a proof case for the global sector. Transparency and confidence ultimately benefits all participants as OOH matures to compete with other digitised media, whilst remaining the only truly broadcast channel. We believe that 100% accurate and verified campaign data should be available on demand to both buyers and sellers, via a low-impact and highly secure platform.’

Erik Warburg, Marketing Director at Outdoor Auditors agreed, ‘Digital OOH is now receiving 20% of OOH investment spend in South Africa and is growing fast (25% year on year), as more sites are digitised and advertisers take advantage of the premium locations and flexibility that sophisticated networks offer. It’s important that advertisers know what they are getting in return for their DOOH investment, just as it is in every other media channel.

‘Seedooh’s technology creates complete transparency of what is being displayed in the real world, in granular detail, so Outdoor Auditors can provide advertisers with real time, granular analysis and rapid remediation support if there are any variances from what has been booked, plus comprehensive post-campaign reporting.’

Outdoor Auditors has been piloting the Seedooh Platform on Tractor Outdoor’s DOOH campaigns for a few months and the network visibility has been enlightening and well received.

Simon Wall, CEO at Tractor Outdoor, sees the long-term value for the OOH industry, ‘We agree that the future potential of OOH will be enhanced by greater accountability and confidence. We were pleased to be involved in the pilot with Outdoor Auditors and to be South Africa’s first Seedooh verified network. Our customers naturally expect that they will get what they pay for and we are committed to demonstrating that they do – via third party verification that works seamlessly for all parties. On occasions where campaigns might be affected by a technical issue, human error or power outage, instant and verified confirmation of the facts is invaluable to make sure we can address this in a timely and efficient manner.’

‘We’ve designed and proven the tech to be low impact and scalable,’ added Richter. ‘While third party oversight of campaign delivery is a baseline requirement, it is of equal importance to the ongoing sector’s growth, that any independent verification process adds value, rather than disruption, cost and confusion to the process of campaign delivery.