Oliver South Africa Appoints Business Unit Director

Nthabiseng Lekoaletsoe, new Business Unit Director.

Oliver South Africa announced the appointment of Nthabiseng Lekoaletsoe as its new Business Unit Director. Lekoaletsoe’s journey in the advertising industry began with household names such as Standard Bank, Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

This fantastic start evolved into a career featuring the ‘who’s who’ of well-known companies and entities – from consumer brands and financial services to public sector departments and major telecommunications enterprises. Lekoaletsoe’s appointment will further bolster Oliver South Africa’s offering and provide new vivacity to the brand, reinforcing Oliver’s commitment to its clients.

Armed with over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, Lekoaletsoe joined Oliver South Africa in February this year. Her management and executive oversight of teams and campaigns has provided her with the expertise required to fulfil the role as Business Director, but Oliver’s approach to the market is what truly attracted her to the role and made her the ‘perfect fit’

Lekoaletsoe explained, ‘While cost is important, good marketing is about making a lasting impression that the customer can own and build on. What made Oliver so appealing as a company is that the business is all about adding value by being efficient, strategic and results driven. Innovation leads the conversation, which is why Oliver strives to remain at the forefront of ever-changing market trends to integrate and optimise for prudent client satisfaction. The on-site model is innovative itself, it creates flexibility that I haven’t often encountered.’ 

Oliver’s business model is building on-site agencies. With this approach, teams are placed side-by-side and on-site with clients to understand their business and collaborate proactively. The model creates more agility, boosts innovation and speeds up decision-making while reducing overheads, by using every resource to its intended capacity. 

Crucially for Lekoaletsoe, this approach speaks to her belief that effective marketing is about relationships with the customer, the brand, as well as the marketing teams. ‘My ‘People First’ approach helps me understand the power and value of building relationships with my team, which will drive growth and efficient ways of working. I believe when you grow your people, the business grows.’  

Oliver South Africa is thrilled to welcome her to the team as our new Business Unit Director, said Paul van den Berg, Oliver’s Chief Evangelist, ‘It’s already rare to find someone as experienced with different major brands as Lekoaletsoe is. But it’s her talent with people and business that stand out more than everything else. She is a wizard at bringing the two together, adding empathy and relevance where there are only cold numbers and vision statements. We are very excited to have her on our team.’