OFyt Helps Position Galaxy And Co As A Jewellery Brand That Lives In A Digital Space

OFyt Helps Position Galaxy And Co As A Jewellery Brand That Lives In A Digital Space

Old Friends Young Talent (OFyt) created brand collateral for the newly launched Galaxy and Co, part of the TFG (Foschini Group) stable. Contrary to Galaxy and Co’s previous form and focus, the brand is wanting to connect with the younger and fashion-conscious consumer.

The relationship between TFG and OFyt started with the agency redesigning the American Swiss brand identity in 2017 and delivering additional brand and design solutions across their jewellery offerings, which also includes Sterns.

The current relationship has grown to extend into group marketing and OFyt continues to build brand driven solutions within the bigger ecosystem. The result is the latest work on Galaxy and Co.

Brandt Botes, Head of Design at OFyt, explained, ‘The Galaxy brand was reinvented and relaunched as a pure play brand at the end of 2020 – a first within the TFG stable and at a time when the world experienced a massive shift in consumer behaviour.’

OFyt was handed the re-imagined brand identity, which allowed the team to be completely objective about the application and roll-out thereof into a digital space. ‘It was the perfect opportunity to marry design and social media/digital in a way we have not done before as an agency.’

Naomi du Plessis, Social Media Content Manager at OFyt, said, ‘They’re all about jewellery stacking, mixing and matching and customisation – but are still looking for pieces that will stand the test of time. So, it’s important for us to position ourselves directly in that sweet spot between being trendy yet delivering on quality. This approach also resulted in the brand position: ‘Your Way Your Style’.’

Creating a jewellery brand that lives in a digital space was an exciting and bold move for TFG. Lee Reitz, Head of Jewellery Marketing at TFG, said, ‘It’s worth noting that our audience is not just our consumer, they’re our ‘muses’ too. They’re the ones we look to for inspiration, and we really want to place them front and centre in our social media content and approach – to always have how they experience the jewellery and our brand communication front of mind.’

While it was important to create brand awareness and build out the new Galaxy identity, it was also critical to hit the ground running in terms of revenue. Botes added, ‘We took a slightly different approach to the application of the bold and iconic identity in our most recent content. The identity is incorporated within the photography, rather than overlayed on top of it – it seems obvious, but it gives an opportunity to get the best of both worlds.’

TFG set out to make sure Galaxy and Co stand out from the competition by driving engaging content and a customer-inspired product strategy as a pureplay brand. ‘We’re confident with our choice as this is where our consumer is creating content, being influenced and ultimately shopping,’ concluded Reitz.

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