North Announces Appointment Of Managing Director

North Announces Appointment Of Managing Director
Juliet Mey and Mike Bond, North.

Juliet Mey has vast experience both locally and abroad, in both B2B and B2C sectors. Her analytical yet creative thinking has seen her develop and implement business and marketing strategies and assess and realign organisational operating models while optimising end-to-end business processes. North has appointed Mey as Managing Director.

‘As our business has grown over the last eight years, the need for some science to balance the art has come into a sharper focus,’ said Mike Bond, founding partner of North. ‘It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the appointment of Mey as Managing Director of North.’

This exciting junction will see Mey and Bond lead on the new business front in the agency’s efforts to expand their portfolio of clients and opportunities in both local and international markets. In the interim, Mey will also be responsible for client liaison as part of her remit as Managing Director.

Mey’s strategic knowledge across multiple iterations within the creative field will also add immense value to the North offering. What this means for potential clients is a deep understanding of their needs from a marketing perspective, alongside the unique creative executions North has become known for.

‘The aim is to not only solve creative voice and identity challenges but also hone our role in defining and achieving business objectives for clients. This is an exciting appointment, and one which was in some ways overdue; we just had to find the perfect fit, which we believe we have,’ said Bond.