New Marketing Campaign Positions Standard Bank As A Partner That Makes Dreams Possible

New Marketing Campaign Positions Standard Bank As A Partner That Makes Dreams Possible

Standard Bank is encouraging South Africans to act on their dreams in its refreshed ‘How About Now’ campaign. It speaks to the notion that every generation should live better than the last and that their dreams are valid and actionable now with the bank as their ally.

The last two years have proven just how resilient we are as a nation. Many of our dreams have had to be put on hold as we dealt with the realities that have impacted our families, friends and broader communities, and the country. Perspectives have changed, and the time to act on our dreams has come. We should not procrastinate or delay getting started, our dreams are attainable, and we need to act now.

The ‘How About Now’ campaign launch includes a television commercial (TVC) developed by M&C Saatchi Abel that features a little girl from a modest household who sees herself as an astronaut. Her dreams are so vivid that she imagines it is already happening now.

‘The thing about dreams is that everyone can have them. But you have to believe in them. That’s when you can start doing your bit to make them come true,’ said the voice-over in the advert. ‘If we supported our dreams with small yet deliberate actions like a young girl wanting to be an astronaut who starts studying, that is a big step right now. A better tomorrow can start today.’

Standard Bank’s call ‘How About Now’ is drawn from human nature. We tend to put off our dreams for tomorrow for an unforeseeable future. Instead, the bank is proposing that South Africans act on their dreams now by providing them with support, tools and offerings today so that their dreams can become a reality as soon as tomorrow.

‘Ultimately, growth is measured through a better everyday life for all. Better access to housing, transport, education, opportunities, a better environment, quality of life and better services,’ said Lindy-Lou Alexander, Brand and Marketing Head: Group Consumer and High Net Worth Clients at Standard Bank.

‘Everyone dreams of a better future. A better tomorrow, a better next month and a better next year. We are committed to helping our customers build this future now, by providing them with tools and support to solve today’s challenges, which ensure that they can experience tomorrow’s victories,’ concluded Alexander.