New Essentials Magazine Shifts Focus To Meet The Needs Of Modern Consumer


Caxton Magazines announced that women’s monthly Essentials magazine will be sporting an updated look and renewed editorial focus. The magazine will be amplifying its home décor and personal health segments in line with the interests of its changing modern consumer.

Caxton Magazines’ Editorial Director Frith Thomas said, ‘The Essentials reader is an ambitious modern woman with an ‘I can do it myself’ attitude. She is mindful, she’s open to alternate healthcare options for her and her family and she’s taking control when it comes to home renovations. Research tells us that the Essentials reader is openly optimistic about the housing market, she’s taking charge of the preventative health care of her family, she wants tips on saving money and time, more plant-based alternatives in her diet and is, without question, tech-savvy.’

Essentials Editor Kate MacFarlane explained, ‘A few years ago, the idea of a nurse coming through to your home or office to provide you with a vitamin infused IV drip or the addition of oat milk in the fridge would be seen as ludicrous, but this is what the modern woman looks like, and we’re adapting our content to remain relevant in her life.’

The new look Essentials will retain reader favourites like career tips and advice, self-quizzes, real reader’s stories and quick but nutritious meal ideas.

Anton Botes, General Manager of Caxton Magazines added, ‘The Essentials brand has been in the country for around 25 years and has been a staple and reliable friend to many women over the years. We’re excited to strengthen that bond by taking the new look product to market at the end of this month – initial feedback from our advertisers has been extremely positive.’