New Consol Brand Campaign Takes Viewers On A Journey Of The Senses


Consol Glass’s new brand campaign celebrates the brand’s packaging and contents – how they are both meticulously crafted. Glass is inert, doesn’t leach, is odourless, and requires no additional layers to protect its contents. The campaign features an ambitious television commercial, as well as Out-of-Home and online ads.

Launche buy Grey Advertising Africa and designed for long-term appeal, the television commercial purposely steers away from a literal interpretation of how glass and beer are made, relying on an abstract and artistic presentation of the two manufacturing processes. It takes the viewer on a journey of the senses, using immersive visuals to create a visceral and intriguing experience. This odyssey of alchemy visits the inner space of barley shoots, grains of sand, and the furnaces melting the glass at Consol Glass’s Clayville plant. The voyage is neatly concluded with the payoff-line: ‘Perfectly made for each other’, which reinforces the notion that beer and a glass bottle are both expertly crafted and thus an ideal match.  

Consol Glass’s mantra, ‘From the earth, through fire, to perfection’ speaks to the unique and specialised process of glassmaking, which has been refined over thousands of years. Although perfection is a high standard, Consol Glass demands it, much like the products which fill their glass containers.

Taking this into account, the new Consol Glass campaign brings to life the making of both the glass container and the contents that fill it, hinting at the passion, expertise and artistry involved in producing both and the synergies that make them perfectly suited.

Consol’s Senior Executive: Marketing and Business Development, Dale Carolin, was very hands-on with the project, involved from concept to production to final edit. ‘Glassmaking is a specialised technical process, but one which requires a high degree of artistry. The idea for the campaign came about when, through conversations with our customers, we recognised the same passion for our respective products and a synergy in production processes: that they require nothing less than the quest for perfection,’ said Carolin.

A passion project for Bioscope Films director, Fausto Becatti, the TV spot was a highly considered production that involved working with microscopic and macroscopic lenses, as well as commissioning the world-renowned Chris Parks, a specialist in capturing chemical reactions. An original violin score, detailed sound design and a bespoke poem were vital elements in creating a soundscape as appealing as the visuals.

As a final touch, Consol Glass’s brand-new mnemonic was added to complement the visual logo. It’s an easily recognisable, memorable sound that represents quality, purity and clarity. A palette of sounds made from various Consol Glass products was recorded and then manipulated in distinctive ways to create a unique sonic identity.

The billboards and Consol Glass truck branding feature larger-than-life bottles in various industries supplied by Consol, their contents and a succinct line which encapsulates that perfect match. Jam, honey, beer, cider, wine and sparkling wine were chosen for their visual appeal.

Legendary photographer, Michael Meyersfeld, took a graphic approach to the project, making the bottle and its contents look equally heroic and perfectly suited. The impeccably lit shoot captured the real look of glass, while big bold typography makes a striking impression. A black backdrop helps the glass detail stand out, highlighting its organic look and feel.

Short clips from the television commercial will be used as teasers in online media while online display banners will appear on social media and search sites. A 90-second version of the television advert will be shared on YouTube, as well as in cinemas.