Nahana Communications Group Launches Small Business Rescue Fund

Nahana Communications Group Launches Small Business Rescue Fund

The Small Business Rescue Fund was made possible partly by using budget previously allocated to enterprise and supplier development, which is a key component of the Nahana Communications Group’s B-BBEE commitments.

On the 20 July 2021, Nahana Communications Group launched its Small Business Rescue Fund to donate R1,400,000 to various small businesses devastated by the looting and violence that swept across the country in the past weeks.

‘South Africa and its people continue to show amazing unity and generosity in the face of adversity and business has an important role to play as corporate citizens. The recent events in South Africa have left many small businesses devastated and our purpose as a group is to help build South Africa. So we will help rebuild our country and rally industry support in any way we can, especially in these difficult times,’ said Brett Morris, CEO of Nahana Communications Group.

R400,000 of this fund is going to assist community radio stations who were devastated by the looting and violence. Essential radio transmission equipment has already been purchased for Intokozo FM in KwaZulu-Natal, which has enabled them to resume broadcasting.

‘We believe that community radio stations form a critical part of the media mix in our country and offer an essential service to the community, so we felt it was important to help these great stations get back on air as soon as possible,’ concluded Morris

The group have asked employees to nominate any businesses that they know in their local communities that were severely affected. Making a difference in the lives of Nahana Group employees and the communities in which they reside was deemed to be the best place to start in trying to make a difference.

Nahana will gladly share its learnings in implementing this plan with any other companies who would like to embark on a similar initiative.

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