N3 Display Creates High-Impact Wall Graphic With Drytac’s ReTac Textures Linen

N3 Display Creates High-Impact Wall Graphic With Drytac’s ReTac Textures Linen

N3 Display Graphics created a super-sized version of Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic pop art painting – Whaam! for its building in Bristol, using ReTac Textures Linen media from Drytac.

These purpose-built premises accommodate around 20 employees including onsite fittings teams. The company has been a customer of fellow Bristol brand Drytac from the beginning. It uses the Linen material from the Drytac ReTac Textures range for all its wall art, including its own homage to Lichtenstein.

Robin Campbell, Projects Manager at N3 Display Graphics said, ’ReTac Textures Linen is simply what we call ‘wallpaper’ at N3. We use it for the majority of our wall graphics. It has a slight texture which provides a realistic feel of the wall underneath and holds colour well, producing really vibrant graphics.

‘We have tried other brands’ products but have always had problems with adhesion. In one case a wall graphic peeled off as soon as the air conditioning was switched on, while another product described as ‘repositionable’ couldn’t be removed from the wall. Drytac’s ReTac fits the bill.’

ReTac Textures Linen

ReTac Textures Linen is a printable, matte white phthalate-free polymeric PVC film with an embossed linen-like finish to add depth to flat graphics – perfect for home, business and retail environments and more. Its ReTac ultra-removable adhesive makes it easy to apply and reposition without loss of adhesion, and removal without surface damage. ReTac Textures Linen is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex printing technologies.

The version of Whaam! produced by N3 Display Graphics is around 15m long by 4m tall at its highest point – somewhat larger than Roy Lichtenstein’s original 1963 diptych on display at the Tate Modern gallery in London. Using its Océ Arizona 460 XT UV flatbed printer, N3 Display Graphics also added its own stamp to the image with fresh colours and extra movement in the background.

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