Moving Tactics Supplies Famous Brands With Digital Menu Board

Moving Tactics Supplies Famous Brands With Digital Menu Board

Moving Tactics has been appointed by Famous Brands as their digital menu board supplier. The appointment came about as a result of Famous Brands and Moving Tactics developing a working relationship over several years, which included the installation of digital signage, digital menu boards and audio solutions at several branded Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) outlets across Southern Africa.

Chris Day, Managing Director at Moving Tactics said, ‘We are incredibly proud to work with Famous Brands. They are a highly respected business that is leading the QSR industry with innovative digital technologies so that they can meet the needs of and engage with their customers. As their sole digital menu board installer, we can provide them with the latest digital screen technologies and provide that consistent look and feel across their brands.’

Famous Brands refresh their digital signage networks every five years to remain technologically relevant and to ensure that the digital signage supports and complies with their brands’ refreshed in-restaurant layouts and design.

‘In the past six months, we have completed 141 installations for Famous Brands. We have completed close to 100 installations for Steers and Wimpy alone and we’re always planning new installations as their brands expand,’ said Kevin Bierman, Head of Digital Signage Solutions at Moving Tactics.

Moving Tactics have installed digital menu boards at Wimpy, Fishaways, Steers, Milky Lane, Debonairs, Fego Caffe and Mugg & Bean restaurants across the country and they are currently installing several digital menu boards with audio facilities per restaurant.

According to Bierman, ‘We develop, custom-build and install digital solutions for the various brands according to their specific needs. For Wimpy, we created kid-friendly Touch Play Tables that are installed within the play areas to keep their younger customers entertained. Whereas at Steers, we implemented a four-screen solution where the two middle screens sync, to the nanosecond, using System-on-Chip (SOC) capabilities, to draw attention to specific promotions or new products being launched.’

Adolf Fourie, Marketing Executive at Steers commented, ‘We are rolling out digital menu boards as it provides us with a lot more flexibility across our nearly 600 restaurants – to be agile and target our consumers with different messaging at different times of the day. It also allows for speed to market and flexibility at each restaurant that traditional static menu boards will never offer. We are excited by the impact these digital menu boards are making in our restaurants in driving sales and feet for our business.’

‘Digital content is easy and very quick to update without having any human interaction at store level and the screens can also be used for staff training and other company communication. Its multifaceted benefits are the reason why digital signage has become the way to communicate within QSR and retail environments,’ concluded Bierman.