Momentum Launches #ForcesOfMomentum Brand Campaign

Momentum Launches #ForcesOfMomentum Brand Campaign

The #ForcesOfMomentum brand campaign kicked off with a TV advert where we meet Alice and Matt, two individuals who have impacted each other’s lives since birth. The story has poignant points within the film that depict the reality of how our unique qualities can sometimes be the root of our insecurities and how these insecurities can in turn be what holds us back from our greatness.

This is until of course, one of the characters in the story takes the time to show us that our differences and uniqueness can actually be turned into a superpower – with acknowledgment, advice and support. While everybody’s journey to success may be unique, the power of the right advice can make a world of difference. This is the message of the new campaign launched on 7 April 2021.

‘Momentum understands that as individuals we all go through life’s challenges that sometimes leave us with feelings of inadequacy, however one cannot live life in the limitations of those insecurities,’ said Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa, Momentum Head of Marketing.

Matt the giant is a representation of our internal insecurities and fears that hold us back from achieving what we strive for. Alice represents Momentum, a strong, bold, down to earth, curious, intelligent bohemian high-school teenager. She is the adviser and force for change to her friend Matt the giant.

She may be young, but she is mature enough to notice the innate potential in Matt. She sees what others can’t see and where others see Matt as awkward and somewhat unusual, she finds him interesting and observes his life as it unfolds throughout primary and high school. She helps Matt discover his magic through a pop-up book that depicts a shared school play experience. This intervention then makes him realise that with the right advice his momentum is unstoppable.

‘Throughout the #ForcesOfMomentum campaign, we are going to use the power of advice from successful individuals who overcame a specific obstacle in their life. Individuals who can share their stories on the kind of internal fears they have dealt with in their lives, how they overcame those obstacles and what keeps them going,’ said Nsubuga-Mukasa.

The stories will be inspiring and motivating, highlighting how the things that hold us back as individuals can be overcome and what role the right advice plays in conquering those setbacks. Global challenges like Covid-19 can sometimes make it a little hard to see the gifts and talents that we are all naturally born with.

‘We believe that partnering and encouraging all South Africans to accesses tailored financial advice, can unleash their innate potential to succeed. You are bigger than you think. All it takes is an intervention by one person, one coach, one expert – to acknowledge our external challenges and our own insecurities – to make you see the uniqueness of success, and that how you define success is all up to you,’ concluded Nsubuga-Mukasa.