Mint Group Implements Autonomous Things Strategic Technology In Limpopo

Mint Group Implements Autonomous Things Strategic Technology In Limpopo

Most would agree that Autonomous Things (AuT) form part of the top strategic technology trends for 2019. Mint Group is implementing an AuT solution to solve the problems surrounding mismanagement of medical supplies and have piloted a project in clinics in remote Limpopo. This project will affect over 400 clinics in the region and is one of many examples where AuT is improving the lives of South Africans.

Gartner reported that a strategic technology trend is ‘one with substantial disruptive potential that is beginning to break out of an emerging state into broader impact and use, or rapidly growing trends with a high degree of volatility reaching tipping points over the next five years’.

One of the most popular autonomous things in the world today is the self-driving car. Imagine that possibility in peak hour Johannesburg traffic? No need for road rage when the 4th taxi driver cuts you off. You can sit in the back seat answering emails or catch up with your marketing and tech trends. As Gartner shares, ‘By 2021, 10% of new vehicles will have autonomous driving capabilities, compared to less than 1% in 2018.’ That is just around the corner.

Patients and care providers are seeing the benefits of semi-autonomous systems as well. For instance, chatbots powered by artificial intelligence schedule appointments and provide relevant, easy-to-understand information about medical conditions. Sensors monitor patients remotely and electronically transmit collected information to health professionals. I am privileged enough to direct and guide the marketing efforts for an organisation that is addressing the issues of long patient queues, particularly in public healthcare facilities, with AI solutions through chatbot and facial recognition.

Morningside Dispensary has a robot to help customers and improve service by speeding up the dispensing of medication. Think of how autonomous systems can help manage stock levels in public health clinics so that the vulnerable in our community can benefit from always having their medication available when they make the trip to their local clinics.

In the fast-food space, Dominos has revolutionised Pizza delivery by teaming up with Ford to deliver your pizza order to parks, beaches and over 150,000 other unexpected locations using their self-driving cars. Coupled with industry-leading digital ordering and fulfilment technology, this service has helped Domino’s to become the world’s No. 1-selling pizza maker.

McDonald’s in Paris offers a quick ordering and payment kiosk facility, so you do not have to wait in line to order your favourite Big Mac. With a few simple clicks, your order is placed, and almost instantly ready for collection. We now have this facility in McDonald’s Rosebank.

Working for a technology integrator has never been more exciting and I get to witness amazing digital transformations across industries as the widespread adoption of autonomous systems becomes prevalent owing to recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), big data and cloud computing.