MegaVision Launches MegaSpaza Trade Branding Solution


MegaVision Media has joined forces with their digital partner, the Connect Group, to bring critical ‘on-shelf’ information to brands that advertise in the informal retail space, at the click of a button. This can be done with The MegaSpaza, a trade branding solution combined with a data collection subscription service.

There are two parts to the MegaSpaza offering.

Part one: the branding

The MegaSpaza team identifies spaza stores across the country that are specific to the brand’s target market and marketing strategy. Once the store list has been finalised, the spaza is then transformed into a powerful brand space, which creates a perfect opportunity for exceptional brand presence and value.

A fully-branded spaza store package includes a fresh coat of paint on the exterior walls of the store, new store-name signage inclusive of the brand’s logo and additional generic brand signage to complete the package.

Part two: the technology

The second component is a subscription-based data collection tool. ‘We want to offer brands the holy grail of understanding on-shelf, stock and promotional marketing efforts on a regular basis,’ said Jane Sarah Rosen, partner of the Connect Group. ‘Whilst the branding is a once off job, the subscription service gives the brand the ability to collect data on a regular basis.’

It is well known that brands struggle to understand the return when it comes to their advertising efforts in the general trade. Brands are also desperate to get a grip on customer data at spaza level. Issues relating to stock, promotions, new product and pricing are some of the fundamental questions that brand managers need answers to.

How it works

Brands subscribe to weekly, monthly or quarterly spaza visits where MegaVisions teams drive out to the chosen MegaSpaza sites and complete a range of custom surveys. The data is centralised into a dashboard that brand managers are able to access and export from the comfort of their office desk.

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