Media Industry Highly Anticipates #ROOTS2019 Survey Results

Media Industry Highly Anticipates #ROOTS2019 Survey Results

The ROOTS survey is one of South Africa’s largest and longest running consumer behaviour surveys and is conducted every three years, in over 120 communities across the country. A few influential people in the media industry were asked what their thoughts are of ROOTS 2019 and what they are looking forward to.

Chris Botha, Group Managing Director at Park Advertising said, ‘One of the most critical aspects of any media campaign is knowing your target market. We know and understand that people are different everywhere but these differences are even more pronounced in local communities across South Africa. It’s this granular detail that I always look forward to in all the ROOTS surveys. Besides the additional areas and categories covered, I’m pleased with the inclusion of new metrics like SEMs and I’m looking forward to insights like how many consumers are using Uber (and where), amongst others. We look forward to incorporating this new data into our media plans to reach our consumers even more effectively.’

Merissa Himraj, Chief Strategy Officer at Wavemaker said, ‘I am looking forward to ROOTS 2019, and am curious to see whether the consumption of media through digital channels has impacted reading habits of community papers, in which segment/audience this is happening and where the consumption growth is coming from. We now have a lot of data that can provide a snapshot of 20 years, showing that as people’s life stages change from single to young families so do their media consumption habits.’

The ROOTS data provides marketers with vital demographic and behavioural information at a local, regional and national level, but it’s the ability to deep-dive and access granular local data that provides the biggest marketing advantages.

‘The local community newspaper amplifies the heartbeat of any community. People are creatures of habit and also have a need to stay close to home, especially in the current political environment, with crime, load shedding and many other issues that plague the ever-burdened consumer,’ said Tish Ronge, Head of Media Buying at Mediacom Johannesburg. ‘Geographically each area also has its own unique socio-economic need, no matter how affluent. In my opinion, it is only the local community newspaper that is tailored to fit this part of the media mix, especially for retailers.’

The survey will provide the marketing, media and advertising industry a national snapshot, at a local level. With new categories, added areas and an in-depth questionnaire that includes digital, this year’s ROOTS is one of biggest and most robust. Take for example the question, ‘do consumers take care of themselves?’ To find the answer, the survey, amongst exploring multiple other categories, finds out about medical aid membership, changes in weight, physical activity and consumption and store preference for vitamins and supplements.

‘It is exciting to see all the components being put together and what will be revealed about the local consumer in their local environments,’ said Debbie McIntyre, Marketing Services and Research Director SPARK Media.