McCann Announces ‘Never Stop. Never Settle.’ Hennessy Brand Campaign

McCann Announces Never Stop. Never Settle Hennessy Brand Campaign

Developed by award-winning agency DDB Paris and produced entirely in Africa, the ‘Never Stop. Never Settle.’ campaign represents a distinct evolution of visual style and format for the market-leading cognac brand. Still photography, rather than film, was used to tell the brand story, a radical creative approach designed to break away from the traditional advertising norms that dominate the category. A vibrant, colourful palette brings freshness and modernity to the campaign look and feel, while communicating the ‘electric energy’ of the campaign’s core message. 

Alexander Kalchev, Executive Creative Director at DDB Paris said, ’We wanted to capture the unique energy of the young African generation in a way we have never seen before. Instead of a traditional film, we wanted to create something that felt closer to ‘the Instagram story’ of this new generation. It’s a minimalist and modern approach that creates a multi-faceted portrait of a new generation that changes everything, every day.’

The ‘Never Stop. Never Settle.’ is Hennessy’s distinctive brand campaign that focuses on pioneers who are making the creativity of Africa shine. The impact of African culture on global trends has grown exponentially in recent years, influencing everything from runways to restaurants to radio waves. ‘Never Stop. Never Settle.’ tells the story of individuals who are driving this change, by transforming their creative passions into thriving business ventures, and in so doing, boldly challenge us to see the world through fresh eyes – a world where the old rules no longer apply.

‘For over 250 years, Hennessy has celebrated individuals who possess a pioneering spirit,’ said Thomas Moradpour, Global Chief Marketing Officer for Hennessy. ‘This new generation of entrepreneurs in Africa, their energy, audacious vision of the future and boundless inner confidence, is the essence of the Hennessy message of ‘Never Stop. Never Settle.’

Capturing the pioneering spirit of a new generation of Africans requires a high level of cultural respect and understanding, one which only a brand with 150 years of history in Africa could tap into. The new Hennessy Very Special campaign highlights eight real-life creative entrepreneurs from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ivory Coast, delving deep into each of their unique stories to discover how inner drive, confidence, passion and talent can create chain reactions, and unite millions. From digital music start-ups, photography, choreography and film production, these individuals exemplify a generation of innovation and leadership, who break through convention to create a different kind of world.

‘It was very important that the cast should not be actors, but real people who are out there every day, making things happen,’ noted Patrick Madendjian, Regional Commercial and Marketing Director, Moët Hennessy Africa and Middle East. ‘These individuals are not satisfied simply to be the best at what they do, they are constantly seeking new challenges, pushing themselves to newer and higher goals. They want to have a meaningful impact on the continent whilst also being passionate about what they do. They are perfect ambassadors for the Hennessy brand. They truly ‘Never Stop. Never Settle.’

Hennessy’s ‘Never Stop. Never Settle.’ campaign will roll out across Africa on television and out-of-home with digital stories and content releasing throughout the campaign for consumers to discover more about the creative entrepreneurs featured, and about the world of Hennessy.