Marin’s Southern Africa Announces Stick’n Glide Displays Distribution

Marin’s Southern Africa Announces Stick'n Glide Displays Distribution

Marin’s Southern Africa are now the exclusive distributor of Stick’n Glide. With features that ensure the display will stick to any level surface, without glue, and not fall over or blow away, the product is also easy to move and install, is colourful and sturdy, as well as wind, tear and water resistant.

With endless uses and possibilities, these displays are customisable and offer a simple fold-and-stand setup, ensuring easily obtainable impactful marketing for any brand, anywhere.

Three different sizes (A4, A5 and A6) are available to be used as table stands, menus and counter displays in every industry including hospitality, retail, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics and more, while customisable shapes allow for a writing area, drinks holder, coasters or flyers and further shapes that can be explored upon request.