Machine Represented With Three Judges At 2021 Bookmark Awards

Machine Represented With Three Judges At 2021 Bookmark Awards

Ruddy Gatare, Robyn Campbell and Sarah Browning De-Villiers from Machine have been selected to judge at the 2021 IAB SA Bookmark Awards.

Campbell, managing director of Machine_ and head of the IAB SA Agency Council, will be the jury chair for the builders panel. Campbell said this year’s show will shine a light on the importance of effective work following the unprecedented year that was 2020. ‘At Machine, we believe in work that works, so I’m excited to see how the industry delivered just that during a time when brands needed it most. If brands ever wondered about the importance of marketing, I think last year reminded everyone of the power of enhanced customer experience, innovative digital marketing and the importance of connecting with consumers.’

In 2020, the IAB SA formed their new digital content marketing committee, which is led by Machine’s chief content officer Browning-De Villiers. So, naturally, she is thrilled to see the introduction of two new content marketing categories in this year’s show. ‘Content marketing puts the audience at the centre of marketing strategies and fundamentally understands the importance of adding value before pushing a product. I can’t wait to see the content marketing case studies and excellence that these new categories will unlock,’ said Browning-De Villiers.

Gatare joins the youth action jury panel, serving his innate passion for youth development in South Africa – which was recognised in 2020 when he was asked to join the IAB SA youth action council. ‘What an honour and privilege it is to be selected as a jury member; this is something I’ve always wanted to be part of. What’s even more exciting is that this is the first-ever youth action panel. We’ll be judging the work of future talent in our industry and this recognition is one of many ways we can truly invest in breakthrough talent.’

This year’s IAB SA Bookmarks will encompass digital advertising and marketing work that falls into eight categories: marketing, performance marketing, builders; publisher, social, community and influencer marketing, innovative engineers, best digital student and special honours.

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