Liquorish Ink Develops Proud Mary’s Unique Brand Proposition

Liquorish Ink Develops Proud Mary's Unique Brand Proposition

Liquorish Ink was entrusted with the development of Proud Mary’s unique brand proposition and corporate identity, a truly exciting proposition for the agency. Proud Mary opened its doors in Rosebank in March and has already become a very welcome and well-loved addition to the Joburg food scene.

After considering the landscape in South Africa and internationally, they drew inspiration from the fact that in every city there is a place that when you stumble upon it, feels like you have known it your whole life. It is the comfort of familiarity mixed with just the right amount of nostalgic old school charm and modern-day fresh sophistication. A place that transcends as the hours go by. By day the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood emanate all around you, by night the illumination of fun and laughter fill the room. A place where friends become family, where business feels like a pleasure, and every experience is remembered.

The graphic design team comprising of Leanie Nortje and Ilze van der Merwe translated this concept into a mid-century modern corporate identity and visual style that has seamlessly pulled the whole environment together. From the logo to the menus, packaging and uniforms, every aspect of the brand has been carefully considered. As part of the experience, there is also a coffee bar and a seafood raw bar all adding to the old school charm of an era gone by.

The restaurant industry is one of the trickiest to navigate at the moment, Covid-19 has fundamentally changed people’s expectations and behaviour and delivering this type of proposition now was no simple task.

‘Working with such an experienced and talented team of restaurateurs and interior designers during lockdown to create a brand that delivers this proposition has been a privilege for us and watching such an amazing team bring it to life has been even better,’ said Leigh-Anne Acquisto, Founder and Managing Director of Liquorish Ink.