Liqui Fruit Collaborates With Local Designers For Latest Campaign

Liqui Fruit Collaborates With Local Designers
Zoliswa Mbadu, Evolving Revolver.

Consumers no longer just want to see highlights of people’s lives, more than ever before they are engaging with content that relates to their day-to-day life. This is seen as part of the demand by followers to have more real and authentic experiences on social media rather than the filtered, retouched effects resulting in seemingly picture-perfect photos.

Online media is seeing a new trend of ‘genuine influencers’ or ‘real influencers’ who are disrupting the so-called ‘perfect moments’ captured in social media images. These influencers connect with their followers through authenticity, using fashion to show their sincere, real selves as the ‘new cool’.

Liqui Fruit Collaborates With Local Designers
Hadassah Bhero.

Tapping into this insight, Liqui Fruit has teamed up with two upcoming local designers to design personalised swag kits. These include Hadassah of Hadassah Bhero designing for influencer Zimkita Mbete and Zoliswa Mbadu of Evolving Revolver. This relatable, authentic and innovative campaign celebrates the beauty of being real.

‘We are excited about our partnership with Bhero, Mbete and Mbadu. When we were looking for designers for the summer-inspired swag kit, we looked for authenticity, appeal and a genuine love of fashion. We absolutely love what they’ve created,’ said Liqui Fruit Marketing Manager Paul Moloi.

Liqui Fruit Collaborates With Local Designers
Zimkita Mbete wearing her swag kit deisgned by Hadassah Bhero.

The designers created a unique summer fashion range, showing their authenticity through their very own ‘Swag Kit’, using visual elements of the packaging and the sensory experience of taste and texture of the fruits used to inspire their designs.

Mbadu attributes her focus on staying authentic in a world ‘portrayed as perfect’ to the fact that she was lucky enough to grow up in a family that encouraged individuality. ‘They taught me that my uniqueness is my superpower, so I’ve always embraced this,’ said the designer.

The collaboration has inspired a collection of brightly coloured clothing, providing the opportunity to reflect the creative essence of the designers.

‘We are excited about this partnership. Both Bhero’s and Mbadu’s approach to social media is authentic and this in turn resonates with their followers. We are encouraged by their sense of honesty and realness and it’s why we chose to work with her them. The final collections are simply stunning with each of them remaining true to their unique sense of creativity,’ said Paul Moloi, Liqui Fruit Marketing Manager.

Liqui Fruit Collaborates With Local Designers
Mbete wearing her swag kit designed by Bhero.