Kantar Reveals Top 10 Best Liked Ads


The TV adverts that South Africans have chosen as their best liked for Kantar’s Q1 and Q2 demonstrate expertise in all three areas: Power, Premium and Potential.  Power measures growing sales through extra volume, Premium focuses on commanding a higher price and Potential gauges the sustainable future growth.

Kantar’s Best Liked Ads list celebrates South Africa’s favourite TV commercials. These are the ads that have been rated as the best liked by the South African audience whom Kantar believes to be the most important critic – the person who ultimately chooses to buy your brand or not.

In first place for Q1 we see the hilarious Heineken ‘Unmissable’ advert, which demonstrates a common experience for many of us – it’s when you’re not looking that your team will score the goal! The distinctive creative style as well as brand placement throughout the advert makes this copy unique to Heineken. The bonus of using a common human experience such as this, is that, more often than not, it allows the ad to ‘cross borders’ and deliver a great ROI.

Sasol is at the top of the Q2 list, with the renewed take on ‘Glug Glug’. Brands that take advantage of these historical brand assets and cues are placed favourably within consumer’s minds as they don’t have to work hard to know what the ad is about. Interestingly, the legacy Glug Glug ad from 1991 still tops Kantar’s Best Liked ads of all time, highlighting that difference plays a critical role in a brand’s personality.

Q1 Ads

1 Heineken ‘Unmissable Publicis Milan
2 Edgars ‘Don’t tell me what to do’ VMLY&R
3 Cadbury Lunch Bar ‘Treadmill’ Ogilvy Johannesburg
4 Vodacom ‘Its A tie’ Openfield Marketing Johannesburg
5 Wimpy ‘Great Getaway Grill’r’ FoxP2 Joburg
6 Future Life ‘…is the future of breakfast’ Old Friends Young Talent
7 FNB ‘Extended Family’ FoxP2 Joburg
8 Amstel ‘Timeless (Wedding)’ VMLY&R
9 Standard Bank ‘#GoodtoGo’ Collective ID
10 McDonalds ‘The Ritual’ Leo Burnett

Q2 Ads

1 Sasol ‘This isn’t just any fuel. #ThisIsGlugGlug’ FCB Joburg
2 Savanna ‘#RulesDontAppy’ FCB Joburg
3 Nike ‘Dream Crazier’ Wieden + Kennedy Portland
4 Debonairs ‘Cram-Decker’ FCB Joburg
5 Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate ‘Mom’s birthday’ Ogilvy Johannesburg
6 Ariel ‘Palesa’ Leo Burnett Beirut
7 Rajah ‘Follow your nose’ The Hardy Boys
8 OMO …believes through dirt we are better people’ Ogilvy Durban
9 Samsung ‘Galaxy S10. Wireless PowerShare’ Cheil South Africa
10 Samsung ‘The next generation Galaxy A. Built for the era of live’ Cheil South Africa