Joe Public Partners With Lucky Star For Inspirational Television Advert

Joe Public Partners With Lucky Star For Inspirational Television Advert

Popularly known for having a passion for music, Lucky Star collaborated with Sun-EL Musician and Msaki who created a full-length track called Shine On for a new TV ad.

Joe Public Cape Town joined forces with Lucky Star to launch the new TV ad – showcasing positivity in times of adversity. The ad builds on Lucky Star’s well-known positioning ‘The Taste of Home’ through colourful visuals, diverse characters and of course, local music.

‘This new commercial speaks to the values of the brand, and one particular aspect of what South Africans stand for: positivity. Strategically, our approach was to position Lucky Star as the antidote to pessimism – by bringing positivity to the nation during a time where there has been a lot of negativity. The Shine On concept and the collaboration with Sun-EL Musician and Msaki demonstrates our passion for music and our belief in sharing positivity.’

The ad sees a little girl, Phumi, injecting positivity into the world by inspiring people towards a brighter tomorrow. ‘We want consumers to know that they can always count on Lucky Star through both the good and the bad times, remembering that we can always shine on,’ commented Anchen Myburgh, Executive of Marketing and Sales at Lucky Star.

‘It’s always an honour to work on such an iconic South African brand. Lucky Star has become synonymous with music and has a long history of collaborating with iconic music legends; we all remember the collaboration with Brenda Fassie and the ‘Ing’shaya Ngaphakathi’ campaign, so continuing this legacy was part of the challenge and a big reason why we were so excited to work with two of today’s biggest stars, Sun-El Musician and Msaki. We are so pleased to see the legacy continue,’ commented Brendan Hoffmann, Executive Creative Director, Joe Public Cape Town.

Joe Public Cape Town is a division of Joe Public United which launched in 2020 as an opportunity to expand on the group’s purpose of transformation and growth – of its people, clients, and country.