Influence+United Expands Footprint In Africa With HaveYouHeard Partnership

Influence+United Expands Footprint In Africa With HaveYouHeard Partnership
Ryan McFadyen, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at HaveYouHeard.

Influence+United has partnered with HaveYouHeard to expand its footprint on the African continent. According to IZEA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ted Murphy, Africa is a largely untapped market, but with a population of 780 million socially-native young adults, the opportunity to tap into this growing segment is undeniable.

‘Consumers across Africa are looking to their peers and influencers across digital platforms more than ever. With this, influencer marketing is a critical component for brands to have success. HaveYouHeard has the capabilities to drive brand growth and market penetration throughout the continent,’ said Murphy.

The Influence+United alliance seeks to take the stress of globalisation and streamline the entire executional journey — from proposal to results — for the world’s foremost companies. It serves as the easiest way to execute a unified influencer marketing campaign with trusted leaders who are localised in presence, but global in scope.

HaveYouHeard was acknowledged as one of the 10 most innovative companies in Africa by Fast Company. ‘By combining online and offline influence with a fully digital, content production and behavioural economics service, it is ideally equipped to assist IZEA to expand the alliance’s presence in African markets,’ said co-founder and head of strategy at HaveYouHeard, Ryan McFadyen.

‘As global companies look for additional growth areas, Africa is increasingly becoming a focus. Providing a deep understanding of the diverse culture and communities across the continent is central to success and we are incredibly excited and honoured to be adding our skillset to the Influence+United alliance,’ he said. 

Founded in September 2020, Influence+United seeks to bring together the foremost companies from the influencer marketing industry around the world. Collectively, the alliance has exposure to over three billion global citizens and geographical expertise for over 90% of multi-continent brand organisations. 

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