Incorporating Volume, Value And Margin Into Sales

Incorporating Volume, Value And Margin Into Sales
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It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, you should be considering at least one of the three sales components: volume (number of clients and how much they’re buying), value (amount of money you’re getting) and margin (profit).

Increasing sales take more than network contacts, sales reps, website or cold calling. One needs to add tools and scientifically think about the sales process – pay attention to who we are selling to, how do those people make their decisions, what is it exactly that they’re looking for and what kind of message can we use to shift the process in our favour.

‘When I just started as a consultant, my aim was simply to make a sale – any sale. But I increasingly want more: a higher quality and more sophisticated sale. Not just those that want to buy from me, but those that should buy from me – the ideal sale,’ stated Bernard Jansen, Owner of Firejuice.