IDG Grants Turn Left Media Exclusive Representation Across SA And Sub-Saharan Africa


Turn Left Media have been granted exclusive representation of IDG’s product portfolio across South Africa as well as the greater Sub-Saharan African region. Overall, IDG delivers over a million unique visitors per month, and has access to around 2.5 million opt-in subscribers across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Turn Left Media, an independent, boutique digital media sales house helping brands to reach the right high-value and B2B audiences across key digital platforms, will become the contact point for businesses interested in understanding the IDG portfolio of solutions.

Founder and Director John Bowles explained the significance for Turn Left Media. ‘As a media sales house focused on the professional audience, the IDG solutions excite us tremendously. We know the pressure businesses are under to reach relevant audiences while generating top quality leads, and with IDG in our portfolio we have the assurance that we can deliver results in the technology vertical better than ever before. IDG brings experience, knowledge, credibility and ROI to the table for its clients. We’re very proud to be associated with IDG’s solutions and look forward to the relationship.’

Neil Michael, President of IDG Global Solutions added, ‘This is an incredibly exciting step forward for our strategy in the region and joins together our work in Middle East and North Africa to provide us more complete coverage across MEA. The modern marketer needs help with targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time, building and bringing in sales pipeline to their businesses and help with their content marketing programmes. By combining Turn Left Media’s regional marketing and sales expertise with IDG’s deep understanding of technology audience and buyer behaviour and reach into Sub-Saharan Africa, we are certain that this partnership will bring incredible value to regional technology customers.’