IAB SA Releases Brand Safety White Paper

IAB SA Releases Brand Safety White Paper

The IAB SA’s White Paper deals with the safety of brands online. The paper, authored by leaders in South African agencies, brands, publishing and tech, is the first installment of proactively and collectively driving awareness of the definition and challenges of brand safety in digital and looking at the ecosystem of publishers, agencies and brands in managing this.

The document will be shared via the IAB SA newsletter to IAB SA members, and will then be available on the IAB SA website.

Paula Hulley, CEO of IAB SA said, ‘The fundamental objective of the white paper is to create awareness of the collective ecosystem and process to create brand safe environments. When brand safety is managed pro-actively and collectively, the power of digital to deliver business impact is exponential.’

While businesses are accustomed to curating their image through advertising and marketing, the dominance of digital as a medium has added a layer of complexity to protecting brand reputation but when brand safety is managed pro-actively and collectively, the power of digital to deliver business impact is exponential.

‘Managing brand safety has a far-reaching impact on the South African economy. It is crucial that we foster environments that are favourable to doing good business, which includes doing business online. Hulley added, ‘The collective goal of South Africa’s digital economy is to grow, which requires investment and an environment that supports good business practice. Good business practice is defined as the ability to evolve in parallel to the rapid changes, opportunities and even threats of modern technology. For this reason, equity and economy of building brands online has taken centre stage. Good business practice online translates into tangible, sustainable impact.’

The White Paper clearly defines Brand Safety within the South African context and outlines all players in the digital ecosystem. Every party has a specific role to play in how they strategise, plan their spend, choose their platforms and identify content that is problematic to brands.

Daniel Courtenay, CEO MaxAxion and MD AdJoin, IAB SA Publisher Council Member, and IAB SA Brand Safety Committee lead commented, ‘The document will assist brands, agencies and publishers in making informed decisions in the digital ecosystem. We have achieved this by demystifying the technology underpinning digital advertising and identifying proactive strategies to improve Brand Safety.’

Thriving as a business in the digital economy is possible, but it takes consistent education, awareness of context, a willingness to take on solutions and the grit to confront the issues related to Brand Safety head on.