How Digital Learning Creates Empowered And Energised Teams


According to Desireé Gullan, Co-founder and Executive Creative Director of G&G Digital, the rise of online learning platforms continues to make studying more accessible and convenient to students and employees.

The workforce is becoming younger, and businesses have recognised the importance of designing online learning platforms that are more engaging and appealing to Millennials. Whether an App, website or online learning platform, they can access educational tools and materials in a matter of clicks.

Like everything else, Millennials are selective about the information they consume. When it comes to digital teaching, purposeful learning is vital, and content must be new and meaningful. They won’t waste their time on learning materials that won’t add value.

Here are three ways digital learning can nurture star employees and set your business apart from the rest:

New skills
Employees want to demonstrate their adaptability and acceptance of change by being open to learning new skills and upskilling themselves. And they use their new skills in the workplace, to help them achieve exceptional results, further their careers and add value to their organisation.

Integration of different departments results in an overall better functioning organisation.
Online learning platforms can offer group assignments that ignites collaboration with teams that don’t normally connect. Not only does this teach patience and how to manage expectations, but it also improves communication, resulting in a better performing team. These skills are then implemented in their real-life work situation.
Higher-order thinking
Online learning platforms place a strong emphasis on higher-order thinking – as students have to analyse or create something to prove they have integrated their new learnings. Not only does this help employees become critical thinkers, but also astute problem solvers, both of which are important in the workplace.
This enthusiasm for learning and being able to transfer knowledge to the workplace shows employees are ready to embrace changing workplaces and technology. The result: an empowered, skilled and energised team that collaborates and enhances the performance of your organisation.