Hoorah Digital Appoints Managing Director

Reagen Kok, new MD of Hoorah Digital.

Hoorah Digital has appointed Reagen Kok as the new MD. This comes less than three months after he joined the digital consultancy as a Group Executive: Client Partnerships.

As MD, Kok will take charge of daily operations, with a keen focus on increasing efficiencies, streamlining processes and ensuring strategic coordination with a single vision across all functions. 

Kok, whose name has become synonymous with success in client service and integrated team management at the highest level, proved his capacity to be equally effective in the role of strategically driving the business with the right client partnerships. He is one of the most celebrated individuals in the local industry, having departed FCB where he proficiently led a number of their most significant clients, including Coca-Cola, Famous Brands and Toyota, winning numerous performance awards and demonstrating that he has the experience and integrity to build client partnerships that continue to deliver innovation and business excellence.

Hoorah CEO, Shaune Jordaan, said, ‘Kok has demonstrated that not only can he inspire, grow and build the best teams, but that he also has the trust and support of all of his clients. Our most important focus is our clients, and we succeed if they succeed.’ 

Energised by his new role, Kok believes that while many businesses are experiencing disruptive challenges thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, this is also a time when progressive thinking can bring powerful and meaningful innovations to market. 

‘It’s no secret that the Covid-19 lockdown has forced many businesses to rethink their approach to all aspects of their offering in line with the global economic reality, but this is exactly where the opportunities lie. Some of history’s most profound advancements occurred in times of uncertainty, global depression and encumbrance,’ Kok noted. 

‘Kok has made an outstanding contribution to Hoorah in a very short space of time. We recognise his passion, talent and agility, and are inspired to see him driving our next generation of leadership. Coupled with his unmatched ability to partner clients, and deliver consistently, we are tremendously ambitious about the future of this business and our people, as we continue to evolve the modern integrated communications model,’ Jordaan added.