Game Partners With The Odd Number For Strategic Repositioning And Rebranding


Game has partnered with The Odd Number on the strategic repositioning and creative execution of its refreshed brand. The store has unveiled its reinvigorated brand and new positioning, including a new pay-off line, ‘You’ve Got Game’.

‘The refresh aims to reconnect customers with this iconic home-grown brand in a highly engaging and relatable way, while more accurately reflecting the business as it is today,’ said Katherine Madley, brand and customer director.

‘The culture of the brand is to help customers save money so that they can live better lives,’ said Madley. The updated positioning is a more contemporary unpacking of this, but it keeps Game’s famous bold pink colour – introduced when the first store opened in Durban in 1970 – in pride of place.

The refresh will assist in rebuilding its ‘rebel’ brand identity and underline the promise that Game is the best choice for consumers. It will highlight Game’s values of innovation, simplicity and passion, while delivering on its purpose of creating a better life for all.

The new pay-off line – ‘You’ve Got Game’ is a contemporary update on the founding sentiment that ‘You always win at Game’. Madley said that the new positioning reflects the irreverent maverick essence of Game. It celebrates the customer as an astute thinker, a clever decision-maker and Game as the rebel that always delivers the best price. The brand is a rebel in the right context, rebelling against the competitors in each category’s higher prices and at times, lower quality.

‘It’s inclusive. It’s a quintessential insight on the everyday swagger that South Africans have. And it’s indicative of the brand and the brand’s personality and nature. It embraces challenge, and fulfils it. It’s almost a challenge to all of us to have Game, because when You’ve Got Game, then Game’s Got You. Keep your chin up, keep your smile on and keep going,’ she added.

Appeal to a younger generation

Brand communication will talk to South Africans in a real and reassuring way. It will appeal to a younger generation without alienating existing customers as the discounter targets new consumer segments while building on this brand loyalty.

Game’s new TV commercial.