Fourways Mall Reveals New Corporate And Brand Identity


Fourways Mall’s new logo echoes its predecessor, but with elements of the number four, with the angle of the four’s crossbar used in design elements across the brand from digital advertising to corporate stationery and in-mall elements. This brand language is enhanced with the playful colours of pink, green, blue, yellow and purple. 

Fourways Mall’s redevelopment and new brand and corporate identity was rolled out across the property’s various media and structural assets and designed and implemented by Amorphous New Media. The Mall’s clean, modern and sophisticated new brand reflects its multifaceted shoppertainment approach that offers something for everyone at the super-regional mega-mall. 

Zoe van Onselen, Head of Marketing for Accelerate Property Fund, co-owners of Fourways Mall said, ‘Our massive expansion project presented the perfect opportunity to fully rejuvenate the personality we present to the market.’

‘The Mall is at one of the largest four-way intersections in the country, and the project architects have included ‘four’ as the nexus of foot traffic in the centre,’ explained Grant Shippey, CEO of Amorphous New Media. ‘Therefore, it made sense to maintain a strong link with the number in all the brand work we did, focusing on the evolution of the brand and maintaining its status as the beating heart of the Fourways community.’

‘All of our marketing collateral abbreviates the Mall’s name to 4WM, emphasising its new personality and driving focus to particular shoppertainment elements via a play on social media and email address notations,’ van Onselen added, ‘making sure we stay on trend with what is happening in our market.’ These make for a strong individual identity and easy replication for social media use. For example, information about a fashion event will be highlighted as Fashion@4WM, restaurants will be linked via Eat@4WM, and entertainment will be connected with Play@4WM. 

‘Fourways Mall is also the first mall in the world to create its own family of characters to help visitors navigate their way around the centre. Larger than life sculptures of these fun-filled characters will allow shoppers to have fun engaging with them as they become the landmarks and much-loved personalities of the exciting new Fourways Mall,’ concluded van Onselen.   

Fourways Mall