FCB Joburg Launches Toyota Starlet With Through-The-Line Campaign


FCB Joburg has created a 360° through-the-line campaign for the Toyota Starlet, using television, radio, digital, social media, Out-of-Home, print and below-the-line print collateral in dealerships.  

According to Toyota SA’s Senior Advertising Manager, Tasneem Lorgat, the objectives of the campaign were to successfully launch Toyota’s brand new nameplate and establish the Starlet name in South Africa, while still acknowledging the country’s ‘new normal’ in a way that is humorous and appeals to a youthful consumer.

‘The small car category is saturated with many great value competitors, so it is really important for the Toyota Starlet to stand out. We needed to make sure our audience takes notice of the way we talk about it. Most of our competitors advertise functional specifications and value-adds, which make buying a small car feel like a compromise. We wanted to avoid them thinking about the Toyota Starlet in the same way,’ she said.

The creative team for the TVC included Tian Van Den Heever, Creative Director Julie Thorogood, Art Director Kursten Meyer and Copywriter Verona Meyer. Shot in one day at Maboneng in Johannesburg, it was directed by Kofi Zwana of Hungry Films with post-production by Fuelcontent.

‘With this campaign, I think that FCB Joburg has positioned the Toyota Starlet as helping South Africans make space for a little fun in their lives,’ added Toyota SA Advertising Manager, Lensha Dlamini. ‘It clearly demonstrates that, with loads of space and the best infotainment features, the Toyota Starlet can take you on a fun-filled adventure anytime, from exploring your city to just picking up groceries,’ said Dlamini. 

The agency’s response was to make buying a Toyota Starlet feel like an accomplishment through storytelling and some humour because, if you are going to drive, you might as well have fun. ‘One of the most exciting things about buying a new car is showing it off to your friends. But how do you do that when practising social distancing protocols? You’re not even allowed to be in the same car together?’ explained Executive Creative Director, Tian Van Den Heever. 

‘Our creative concept and execution is based on showing off all the main features of the Toyota Starlet in a way that is fun and acknowledges our new normal. So, we show a guy who has just collected his brand-new Toyota Starlet from the dealership showing off the car to his friends … by virtually having them in the car with him,’ said Van Den Heever.