FCB Joburg And Toyota South Africa Collaborate On Latest Starlet Campaign

FCB Joburg And Toyota South Africa Collaborate On Latest Starlet Campaign

Building on from the launch of the first-generation Toyota Starlet in 2020, the new Toyota Starlet is not only big on space, but on fun too. When FCB Joburg first started to investigate the mindset of their target audience for the Toyota Starlet, they soon realised that millennials, who are the target market for the car, want a car that is not only affordable, spacious, practical and good value-for-money, but a car that inspires a sense of youthfulness and fun in the day-to-day grind. And of course, the car needs to look good with any outfit.

‘We have created a fun Small Car Universe within the Toyota stable, so continuing the fun in the new Toyota Starlet campaign was a no-brainer,’ said Tian van den Heever, executive creative director of FCB Joburg.

Armed with the ‘adulting’ insight, the car and the success of the previous 2020 launch, FCB Joburg got to work to evolve the Make Space For Fun campaign. ‘The success of the 2020 launch meant we wanted to keep some of the key elements from the initial campaign, namely our characters and that inner sense of fun,’ said Van Den Heever.

Starting with the TV commercial (TVC), the original characters haven’t let the last two years of growing up put a dampener on their day-to-day fun. From the way they dress, the way they communicate and the fun they get up to, the Small Car Universe characters have just amped up the fun with a game of ‘Tag’, made all the more interesting with the help of their Toyota Starlets.

‘This ad allowed us to show off all the tech, features and colour options of the cars, while showing our audience that being an adult doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you’re in a Toyota Starlet,’ added Van Den Heever.

The TVC has one extra bit of fun up its sleeve, in the form of a classic song: ‘U Can’t Touch This’ by M.C. Hammer. This toe-tapping track directly relates to the concept of the TV commercial and ties the ad together in the most fun way possible (TVC).