eThekwini To Remove IIlegal Advertising Billboard Sites

eThekwini To Remove IIlegal Advertising Billboard Sites
Image source: Radio praha.

The eThekwini Municipality has recently awarded a tender to remove illegal advertising sites. The removal will be done without court orders, despite a judgement in February this year.

The municipality said that this was in a bid to address the number of illegal signs which had been erected throughout the city without proper approval, adding that the three year contract, is a result of illegal signs that have ‘mushroomed at public and privately owned property without approval by the municipality.’

The Head of Development Planning, Environmental and Management Unit, Musa Mbhele said that illegal billboards have a negative impact when it comes to attracting tourists and businesses.

‘It is for this reason that we have taken this decision to clamp down on illegal billboards to ensure that outdoor advertising is managed properly to create a tidy and safe city. This is to ensure that various organisations and businesses are given equal opportunity to advertise in line with public safety and reasonable standards of appearance that will not degrade amenities in neighbourhoods,’ said Mbhele.