Entries Are Open For 2022 FM AdFocus Awards

Entries Are Open For 2022 FM AdFocus Awards

This year’s AdFocus Awards will be celebrating the champions of the Bounce Back. The deadline for all entries is midnight on August 31, 2022.

‘The past two years put forward a challenge that has shaken every part of business,’ said AdFocus Awards chairperson Faheem Chaudhry. ‘An economy under pressure, infrastructure that’s cracking, budgets under strain and talent under increasing pressure. But time and time again, when crisis hits, creativity thrives.’

‘This year’s AdFocus Awards will look for the businesses who have holistically shown how they are able to Bounce Back. They have shown how creativity can be the vaccine for the economy by stimulating demand and guiding businesses back to their true north. We’re looking forward to celebrating and rewarding those agencies who have shown that no matter what challenges come forward, the creative industry always finds a way.’

Financial Mail editor Rob Rose said, ‘We’ve been doing this competition for 32 years and we think that it is more vital than ever, given the imperative to rebuild the country now. The advertising industry can play a fundamental role in doing that.’

There have been some changes made to the awards this year. The most significant change is the addition of the Group Agency of the Year Award category. This category will look to award the agency group with the best performance over the period under review and will include the total business impact of all the agencies included in the agency group or holding company.

‘Given the tough external environment of the past two years, we’ll be looking for the agency group that has shown flexibility, versatility and bounce back-ability across all its businesses,’ said Chaudhry.

The Large, Medium and Small agency size categories have been redefined and the Media Agency category has once again been split into Independent and Network Agency categories. In addition, the questionnaires have been updated to ensure they are relevant to the current environment and in order to better interrogate the business case of entrants in a more defined manner. They have also been streamlined to ensure the entry process is more efficient.

The agency awards for 2022 include the following:

• Large Advertising Agency of the Year.
• Medium Advertising Agency of the Year.
• Small Advertising Agency of the Year.
• Network Media Agency of the Year.
• Independent Media Agency of the Year.
• Public Relations Agency of the Year.
• Specialist Agency of the Year.
• Partnership of the Year.
• African Impact Award.
• Transformation Award.
• Adaptability Award.

Nominated awards include the following:
• Lifetime Achievement.
• Industry Leader of the Year.
• Student of the Year.
• Shapeshifter.

This year, Jadi Tillim, MD of Tukio Media, takes the reins as the 2022 FM AdFocus project director. Tillim’s long career in the media industry has included running Primedia Broadcasting’s in-house creative solutions team for over a decade and being 702’s marketing manager on numerous award-wining advertising campaigns.

To enter the 2022 AdFocus Awards please register on the AdFocus website: www.adfocus.co.za. The winners will be announced on November 23 2022.

For any queries regarding AdFocus Awards entries, contact Danette Capper at adfocus100@gmail.com or +27 82 494 4174.