Eclipse Communications Reflects Full-Service Offering With New Brand Identity

Jacki McEwen-Powell, Eclipse Communications Founding Partner.

Previously known as Eclipse Public Relations, the agency has rebranded to Eclipse Communications to reflect its full-service communications offering. The agency unveiled its new look in celebration of its growth as an agency.

Eclipse Communications Founding Partner, Jacki McEwen-Powell, said that the rebrand is more than just a name, service or corporate identity change – it is a strategic move.  ‘As we extend our African footprint beyond the three major city centres in South Africa and four in-country communications partners in Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia and Israel, we needed to ensure we evolved our brand identity to reflect who we are and how we are represented in the industry.’

The agency’s brand positioning, ’Guiding your Growth’ is a philosophy that underpins every aspect of what Eclipse Communications does and is applied to the clients it works with as well as the people it employs and retains. The visual rebrand is clean and striking, with circular linework, symbolic of the moon’s orbit. The new versatile design is reflected on its revamped website, social media platforms and all other communications collateral. 

McEwen-Powell said the simple, clean lines of the new logo speak to the agency’s adeptness at cutting through the clutter with messaging that is strong, purposeful and on point. ‘We have retained our hallmark midnight blue colour as we believe it engenders trust and represents the stability and harmony we pursue in our business.’

CEO and Founding Partner, Steve Powell concured, ‘We are not just a PR agency. We are not just a digital agency. If you can diversify from one core competency, it gives you more strings to your bow. If you can diversify into different areas of industry, it gives you further strings to your bow. We have developed into an adaptive, cross-functional agency, with many strings to our bow and the right people to pull those strings. Our diversity in people talent has led to a greater diversity of thinking, creativity and opportunity, generating additional revenue streams and an exciting future as we look forward to further growth.’