Dynamic Content Deeply Engages Audiences

Tracking Audience Engagement Through DOOH Ads

Bradley Cooper, Technology Editor for DigitalSignageToday.com, says that dynamic content has the potential to engage audiences in a deep way. This is after Jetstar, an airline operating in Melbourne, Australia, tested out dynamic content with a Digital Out-of-Home campaign managed by JCDecaux.

Jetstar deployed displays in Melbourne to track user’s eyes to deliver content, and dispense dream vacations. This campaign had an extra layer of interactivity as it invited customers to look at certain parts of the screen, for a chance to win vacation packages.

The displays pulled in audiences using the line, ‘Your eyes could win you a gift’. The audience could stand on a backlit section on the ground and the display would show a quick set of instructions, like – removing hats and glasses. The instructions also featured a pair of ‘googly eyes’, which would respond to customer’s eye movements.

The display would then show four images from destinations around the world. The display would slowly zoom in on whichever image the customer was looking at, and would potentially reward customers with a gift card.

This article was sourced from: www.digitalsignagetoday.com