Digital School Of Marketing Launches Online PR Course

Digital School of Marketing Launches Online PR Course

The Digital School of Marketing (DSM) has launched their online Digital Public Relations (PR) course for individuals who want to pursue a career in PR, or those who have small businesses and want to learn how to market their businesses through PR.

Course modules include:
• How to create a PR plan.
• How to manage relationships with stakeholders.
• How to create and manage content in PR.
• How to build relationships with the media.
• How to master marketing communications concepts and online public relations.
• How to use social media for public relations.
• How to manage reputational crises in PR.
• How to evaluate public relations activities and events.

The course holds accreditation from both MICT SETA and is endorsed by the IAB, which means that once completed the qualification will give anyone the upper hand in this competitive digital world.

The DSM Digital PR course addresses how to meet both organisations and the target market’s needs, weaving in the fundamentals of traditional PR into a digital world. The art and science of engaging with media on all different digital channels, enabling one to spread a brand’s message through strategic communications, is also covered.