Digital Marketing Strategies For Audience Targeting

Digital Marketing Strategies For Audience Targeting

According to Digital Marketing Expert Lisa Smith, audience targeting is just what it sounds like – it is the practice of using data to segment consumers by demographics or interests in order to find the holy grail that is the right person on the right device at the right moment.

Here are some strategies digital marketers are using to target their audiences:

Event Tracking

Adding event tracking to your site shows you how visitors are interacting with your site and can help you build a more effective online presence. Marketing companies can capture phone IDs and serve ads based on geography—including location up to six months ago—with just latitude, longitude and date.

Expand reach with Google’s In-Market Audiences

Dale Broadhead, founder of PPC and CRO agency Conversion Hut, expressed genuine love for display campaigns in Google Ads—particularly when targeting an audience that hasn’t heard of his business before. In fact, Google’s in-market audiences feature lets you target consumers who are researching your products or services.

‘We use a not-so-well-known report from our Google Analytics reports finding the highest performing Affinity Categories and In-Market Segments. Once we have our insights, we can then build different ad groups around each of the audiences and create messaging that resonates with them,’ he said. ‘This works because you are making decisions that are backed by data. We’re finding out who the best customers are and then going out to try and find more of them.’

Kim Smith, content marketing manager at review platform GoodFirms stated, ‘The in-market audiences are the ones that are already out there, searching, reading, comparing, or even planning to buy a product or service, just not engaged with your brand directly or indirectly. With past searches, keyword activity and browsing behaviour of the user, machine learning can predict what a user is interested in and when would he/she’d be ready, to convert effectively. Ideally, in-market targeting aims at widening your reach with high buying intent and offers a practical customer acquisition strategy.’

Prioritise SEO

According to Ade Holder, digital marketing consultant at digital marketing agency 427 Marketing, organic SEO is the best targeting there is because ‘there is nothing better than simply being in front of the customer when they search for exactly what you are able to offer’. If your brand ranks high for relevant terms, it is targeting everyone actively searching for your products and services.

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