Design Partnership Brings The Nando’s Spirit To The West Rand

Design Partnership Brings The Nandos Spirit To The West Rand

Design Partnership wanted to bring Nando’s’ vibrant spirit to Horizon View, West Rand, by creating a ‘casa’ that truly reflected the vibrancy and authenticity of the brand.

Design Partnership’s architecture of the new Nando’s drive-thru model allows for a high degree of customisation to the exterior, which allows each store to be unique both internally and externally. By customising the exterior of the building, Nando’s allows the drive-thru customer to be as much a part of the design experience as the sit-down customer.

The key objective of this project was to get as close to Nando’s dynamic, nuanced, vibrant brand as possible. Marrying brand and space is always a challenge; more so when the brand is intentionally fluid.