Debonairs Pizza and FCB Joburg Campaign Celebrates SA’s Passion For Food, Soccer And Family

Debonairs Pizza and FCB Joburg Campaign Celebrates

Developed by FCB Joburg, the advert is reminiscent of the backyard two-goal post soccer matches among the uncles and bachanas just before dinner kicks off. Setting the scene for the backyard showdown between the Olden Arrows and Bantwana-Bantwana; the animated Debonairs Pizza influencer, Debza takes centre stage with his co-pilot on the latest TV commercial. This relays a story very common to many South Africans – diski and food go hand in hand.

‘With Easter holidays just around the corner, our endeavour is to provide groups of friends and family members a value meal for sharing during their huddle times and breakaway from the hustle and bustle. Whilst keeping them entertained with the TVC that conveys a story they all can relate with,’ said Rirhandzu Manganye, Marketing Manager, Debonairs Pizza.

Launched in March 2021, this comes just in time before the holiday season to give consumers ample time to plan their match ups and select their team players for taking down the Debonairs Pizza Cram-Decker®.

‘The renewed Debonairs Pizza Cram-Decker® is not for dipapadi, you’ll need a team to finish the Cram-Decker®. That’s your family coming to the table with empty stomachs to have a feast. Debonairs Pizza has created a value meal suitable for family sharing occasions, pleasantly unifying as it feeds the masses,’ said Mbeu ‘Snooze’ Kambuwa of FCB Joburg.

The advert, brought to life by creative director Mbeu Kambuwa, copywriters Oarabile Mahole and Kabelo Sebako and art director Che Newman, aims to land on the story of sharing the Cram-Decker® with family and friends, filling their bellies with the pizza and then some more.

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