Creative Brands Continues Business Growth With Nigeria Launch

Creative Brands Opening Up Opportunities With New Nigeria Office

South African based promotional gifting and custom-branding company Creative Brands has established a core team and offering in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Creative Brands went from a small start-up in a Cape Town garage to a major, world-class promotional branding and gifting company now with offices in Botswana, Kenya and Nigeria, and they look set to continue their business growth.

Opening up opportunities for businesses in Nigeria

Creative Brands’ presence in Lagos sees a whole new suite of marketing options available to businesses operating in Nigeria. Managing Director Nicholas Markovitz said, ‘As the first-of-its-kind in the country, we are immensely proud to launch and drive the Creative Brands growth and expansion in the Nigerian market. We know that our sophisticated printing and branding techniques and our range powers growth for other businesses and so it’s going to be exciting to watch the ripple effects in Nigeria. Within days of our launch, Google Nigeria got in touch for us to support their ‘Fuel Your Hustle’ campaign, almost reading our minds with what we want to achieve in Nigeria itself.’

The power of promotional gifting and custom-branded merchandise

Based on numerous studies, it’s clear just how effective custom-branded merchandise and giveaways can be, often allowing businesses the opportunity to truly connect with their customers or cut through the digital noise.

  • Most people keep promotional products for an average of eight months and will eventually pass them on to others. They are key to brand awareness.
  • A personalised gift (with company branding, bespoke design, logo or slogan) will encourage 71% of customers to continue to do business with a company.
  • 81% of the time, a uniquely picked gift from an employer has a positive impact on their employees.