CMS Takes On New Brand Expression

CMS Takes On New Brand Expression

International law and tax firm, CMS, has rebranded, taking on the brand configuration ‘CMS: Law. Tax. Future.’ which represents a new and dynamic development and positioning in the top league of global legal brands in key international markets. As part of the rebranding, the local arm of the firm, CMS South Africa – formerly CMS RM Partners – also takes on this new brand expression, which is anchored within the idea of future facing.

Riza Moosa, Senior Partner of CMS in South Africa, Johannesburg, ‘The rebranding of the firm represents a fresh perspective for our business as we rejuvenate the brand and therefore modernise and optimise our work in the region, and as we strengthen our partnership with both governments and private sector organisations in the important task of building the economies of the future.’

‘Future Facing means anticipation, acceleration, and shaping the future for, and with, our clients. It’s only possible to be Future Facing by understanding the present. Our deep sector knowledge and innovations in legal services delivery mean we can deliver on this promise.’