Carling Black Label’s Bride Armour Campaign Raises Awareness Of Abuse Against Women

Carling Black Label’s Bride Armour Campaign Raises Awareness Of Abuse Against Women

Carling Black Label’s #NoExcuse hosted an experiential launch for their ‘Bride Armour’ campaign at The Venue in Melrose Arch. The campaign insight is that one in three women experience intimate partner violence (IPV), with women facing abuse at the hands of a man who vowed to love and protect them. #NoExcuse believes that the time has come for men to make a new vow: a vow to love, protect and never abuse a woman.

To drive this narrative, ahead of 16 Days of Activism, The Bride Armour campaign will spotlight IPV and the gown will be a symbolic representation of how a woman going in to marriage needs to protect herself from her intimate partner. #NoExcuse partnered with the renowned avant-garde fashion designer, Suzaan Heyns, to create the bridal gown designed using data from cases of IPV shared by Lifeline (with the consent of the victims). In a moving fashion film showcased at the launch event, viewers could hear the women narrate their experiences while scenic views of a bride preparing for a wedding played, starkly contrasted by the graphic audio recordings of the women.

The event commenced with a showcase of men’s suit designs displayed on the runway, juxtaposed by a model wearing the BridEArmour gown. From the bulletproof bodice to the fire-resistant train, every stitch, layer and seam of the gown has been carefully placed to demonstrate the brutality experienced by women at the hands of their intimate partners.

This display was followed by panel discussions facilitated by Medical Doctor and media personality, Dr. Musa Mthombeni. The panel consisted of a representative from Lifeline, Nomsa Papale, who spoke about the organisation’s partnership with #NoExcuse. He further elaborated on the stories from Lifeline used to curate one story and ultimately the Bride Armour gown. Nicola Cooper, who worked closely with Heyns, was also part of the panel to discuss the Bride Armour gown – a story of beauty and brutality. GQ’s editor-in-Chief, Molife Kumona, spoke about why GQ saw it as an impactful and fitting campaign to join.

The second panel consisted of influential couples such as Lerato and Phetola Makhetha; Kabelo and Gail Mabalane as well as newlyweds, Dr. Mthombeni and his wife, Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni. They all shared their thoughts on GBV and spoke about why they support the #NoExcuse movement. Father-A-Nation’s Craig Wilkinson was the final member of the panel, providing insight in to the work #NoExcuse has been doing in communities.

Speaking about the campaign and what the brand is hoping to achieve, Carling Black Label Brand Director Arne’ Rust said, ‘Our ultimate goal for this campaign is to re-write wedding vows to acknowledge the promise to never harm your partner – a commitment that all South Africans can make to oppose domestic violence. We are working with the Department of Home Affairs to see how they can get the vow changed to include this commitment that all South Africans can make when they get married to oppose gender-based violence.’

As a constant reminder of the vow, the six Virtues of a Champion Man will go on pack to drive the #NoExcuse messaging throughout the year. To sign the #NoExcuse petition, visit

The #NoExcuse movement was launched in 2017 and is aimed at driving awareness, creating conversations, and providing tools for people to take positive action as means of driving change.