Brands Can Make The Customer’s World A Better Place

Brands Can Make The Customers World A Better Place
Sadika Fakir, Tiger Brands.

Sadika Fakir, Integrated Media and Digital Director at Tiger Brands – and one of the speakers at this year’s virtual Nedbank IMC (Integrated Marketing Conference) – believes that marketers are responsible for more than just the sales of products and services.

When embarking on a new business, fresh campaign or product launch, do we as marketers ask whether our efforts are making the world a better place? For Fakir this is a non-negotiable question in the discipline of marketing.

She suggested that we should consider our discipline from the perspective of making the world a better place. She said, ‘In essence, we are about improving the lives of our customers through the brands that we represent. Think about it, customers turn to our brands ultimately because they enhance their lives in some way.’

CEO of Nedbank IMC, Dale Hefer, said that Fakir distils an important idea. ‘With this year’s conference theme of ‘Relevance. Marketing’s big ask’, we are aiming to challenge both our speakers and delegates to really consider where their impact lies, and what it is that will keep brands meaningful to customers. Fakir’s approach, which views the marketing context through a wide angle, is key to relevance.’

Beyond being a custodian for one of South Africa’s leading brands, Fakir also serves on the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) and has been a judge for the Loerie Awards (Middle East Africa) and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) SA SMARTIES awards. This means that, perhaps more than most, she has had the opportunity to consider customer centrality across a broad spectrum of brands. ‘Marketing operates with an ever-evolving customer base and in a shifting media landscape. We have to consistently reinvent our approach to market,’ said Fakir.

The shifting media landscape is something to which marketers around the world are swiftly acclimatising. But considering how their brands can make the customer’s world a better place, they could elevate their voice above the market clamour.

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