Boomtown Creates TVC To Celebrate Lafarge’s 70 Year Milestone


Boomtown created an emotive commercial for online platforms and local television to emphasise how Lafarge Zambia has been building the nation since 1949 – as part of Lafarge Zambia’s 70 year milestone celebration. 

Boomtown and Lafarge both agreed that it would be best to partner with local teams in Zambia in order to create a TV commercial (TVC) with real authenticity. A TV production company and local actors in collaboration with a local activation company produced a high-quality final product that was genuinely Zambian.

The commercial, made by Boomtown’s creative team, was designed to highlight how Lafarge Zambia and its cement products have helped build Zambia through the years, from airports to universities and stadiums. The commercial shows Lafarge Zambia’s role in the growth of the country and emphasises how the company builds dreams for life.

Talking about the narrative, Boomtown Strategic Director Glen Meier said, ‘Based on our strategy to leverage on the global Lafarge brand reputation, it was important to also convey the significance within Lafarge’s local market heritage.’

The TVC sees a grandfather reminiscing with his grandson, reinforcing the message that Lafarge cement is reliable, high-quality, and built on a foundation of 70 years within Zambia.

‘This message is especially important as Zambia is experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in terms of investment in cement capacity compared to the rest of the continent. We are proud to be a part of the role Lafarge plays in the continual development and prospering of a nation,’ added Meier.